Do you provide interstate removal services?

Yes, we specialise in safe and convenient local, country, and interstate removal services in Australia.

Do you offer free removal quotes?

We provide free removal quotes. Our experienced moving consultants will come to your home, evaluate the complexity and size of your move, and provide you with a free quotation based on your specific requirements.

Do you have fixed or hourly moving rates?

We normally provide fixed rates when we have the opportunity to evaluate your moving requirements beforehand but we can certainly give you an hourly rate for a small move. We recommend fixed rates for large moves as they are more cost-effective.

Do you offer packing services before moving?

Yes, we certainly do. Our trained and experienced removalist packers are ready to help you to pack your belongings to international or domestic standards.

Will you transport the items I have packed and later included in the move?

Yes, we’ll even transport packed-by-owner (PBO) items. We, however, recommend that you include as much as possible in your relocation requirements to get an accurate quote.

Does your transportation include motor vehicles?

We have arrangements with major national vehicle carriers that will assist with the transportation of your motor vehicle.

Do you transport pets?

Yes, we have arrangements with leading pet transportation specialists to help you bring along your pet to your new home.

Can you safely transport potted plants?

Yes, we can. If your potted plants are part of your relocation, we’ll ensure that they are safely loaded last in the container.