How to Safely Pack Fragile Items When Moving

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There is a common belief that something always ends up broken when you move to a different house. Well, you can avoid or minimise damage while moving if you pack your fragile items carefully.

Here are a few tips on how you can safely pack your precious items such as ceramics, fine china dishes, and fragile gifts.

  1. Bubble Wrap is Your Friend When Moving

You definitely know what bubble wrap is – the clear plastic sheet with air bubbles throughout the entire length and width of the sheet.

Bubble wrap is not only good for popping the tiny bubbles but is also great for wrapping fragile items before transportation. Use it to wrap your precious items securely then fasten the wrap with masking tape.

  1. Label All Fragile Items Boxes

Once you’ve wrapped fragile items such as porcelain, china, and bisque in bubble wrap, make sure each box they are placed in is clearly labelled as FRAGILE.

The fragile boxes should also be the last items to be loaded onto the vehicle. You really don’t want your heavy toolbox placed on top of your box of fine china.

  1. Get Creative

If bubble wrap is not available or enough, you can pack the delicate items between sheets of newspaper or thin sheets of foam. The newspaper or foam will prevent your dishes and other delicate items from rubbing, jarring, or bouncing against each other while in transit.

You can wrap your dishes and cups in hand towels and even blankets for large items. The most important thing is to get creative and think of ways to keep your fragile items safe during the move.