Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

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The prospect of moving to a new house can be quite exciting but the work involved in packing all your items and preparing for the move can be stressful, to say the least. The good news is that packing shouldn’t be a pain if you do everything right and well in advance.

Here are a few tips to help you do all your packing with ease.

Start by ensuring that you have everything you need to help you pack. For instance, make sure that you have plenty of boxes, a couple of masking tape rolls, and markers to label each box appropriately. More importantly, take the time to create a packing list to ensure that each item goes into the right box.

Make a list for every room in your house with things that need to be packed and allocate a date or time for each room. For example, you can pack study room items on Sunday 7th June, kitchen on Monday 8th June, and start with the living room the next day.

Take time to sort everything by categories. Similar things should be packed together for easier organisation when unpacking at your new home. Create categories such as kitchenware, clothing, books, footwear, and books. You can also take this a step further and create subcategories for major categories such as kitchenware.

Label every item or box appropriately using a dark coloured marker. Bigger labels are easy to notice while unpacking and avoiding mix-ups. Moving time is also a good time to discard spoilt and unwanted items.

Throw away all unwanted stuff. Remember the fewer items you pack the less troublesome your moving is. Lastly, packing should not be a tedious chore. Make it a fun activity for the entire family.